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Pets of the Homeless

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It’s almost spring! In Tennessee, it’s starting out pretty wet.  That’s okay.  This year, I’m making an effort to embrace the seasons.  It’s so easy to rush from climate-controlled house to climate-controlled car to climate-controlled office and repeat.   I’m determined to just dress for the weather and get outside as much as I can, and to enjoy the peace and beauty of my surroundings.  

As I get older, I realize what a privilege it is to be uncomfortable once in a while. Getting soaked in a sudden rainstorm is not exactly my idea of a good time, but how thrilling is it to feel the wind on your face and see lightning crackling through the sky?  Snow can wreak havoc on travel plans, but the silence of the woods on a snowy day is a miracle.  Just being cold or hot for a few minutes is a reminder that we’re alive and being allowed to experience another day on the planet.

Of course, this also makes me more aware that there are people and animals sharing this earth with us who are uncomfortable every day – not by choice or by whim.  They are not equipped for the weather, and don’t have cozy homes with fireplaces to retreat to when the novelty of winter has worn off.   While stomping around in puddles has made me feel more in tune with the earth, it has also made me a little more compassionate.   That’s a gift in itself. 

Recently I learned about an amazing nonprofit called Pets of the Homeless. For many homeless people, their pets provide unconditional love and companionship, as well as protection on the streets.   Pets of the Homeless works to provide food and veterinary care exclusively for pets that belong to homeless people.  

We lost one of our kitties last week, so I made a donation in memory of our sweet Gracie.   If you’d like to help some people and animals in one fell swoop, click here.

I hope you take a few minutes this week to really experience the weather, and the joy of life, wherever you are.   

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