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The fight-or-flight instinct is necessary for survival – but long-term stress raises levels of cortisone and causes inflammation in the body and other health problems. Find coping strategies to live a more peaceful, centered life!

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Unlike happiness, which is so often dependent on outside influences and things we cannot control, flow is entirely accessible to us at any time.

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Intuition is a powerful thing. That little voice inside your head can provide some real wisdom, if you can learn to be still and listen to it.  For some people, meditation is the key to tapping into the subconscious. I have friends that swear by it. I’ve tried meditation, and I’ll keep trying, but honestly, […]

Stop comparing your life to what you see online. You are in competition with no one, except the person that you were yesterday.

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We may not always realize the effect of the noise of our day-to-day lives on our bodies, but it is still working on our nerves in the background. So what can we do about it?

Do you ever feel like you have absolutely no business doing what you do? Imposter Syndrome may not be a clinical disorder, but the effects can be real.

I have a confession to make – I am a total people-pleaser. I will do just about anything to make people like me: give away my time, my money, my dignity… it’s a sickness.


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