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I lost my mother to Alzheimer's Disease in 2003.  It's a heartbreaking illness, robbing the patient of her memory and dignity, and robbing loved ones of the person that they know and love.  The New Moon Workshop is a proud supporter of the Alzheimer's Association and their Longest Day Fundraiser, joining forces on the summer solstice to shine a light on this disease and raising funds for care, support and research.   In honor of my sweet mom Ginny, my family, friends and I bake from sunup to sundown on June 20th.  In 2020, we raised nearly $4,000 for the cause - and this year we plan to raise even more!   All recipes are provided below (use the search bar or click on the categories to see more).  The fight goes on.  Please consider donating to the Alzheimer's Association, and we hope you'll join us on the Longest Day! 


Food for thought, served up just for you a few times each week!